North Street, Bedminster/Southville

North Street in Bedminster/Southville has a diverse range of food shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, charity and second-hand shops, salons and barbers, amongst others. In recent years, traders, community groups and the local Neighbourhood Partnership have all worked towards both physical street improvements and to towards bringing more activities and bustle to the street.

This has included, in no particular order!:

  • Traders have collectively bought hanging baskets to brighten-up their shop fronts.
  • To help older shoppers, community groups have installed benches at key journey-breaking points, and have produced a Greater Bedminster Toilets & Benches map, showing bench rest-stops, and toilet facilities which are available for non-customers to use within bars, restaurants and community buildings.
  • The Neighbourhood Partnership has used its devolved roads budget to install build- out crossing points on the road, to make crossing safer
  • The annual Upfest graffiti festival took in the spray-painting of security shutters, so the street is a gallery by night, and looks far less intimidating when the shutters are down.
  • The Council put in more cycle parking.
  • North Street Traders took part in Bristol Zoo’s 2011 ‘Gorillas’ fundraising, and hosted two Gorillas – which brought people into the area who were trying to visit all the painted sculptures.
  • Community groups organise the annual ‘Best of Bedminster’ urban village show on North Street Green, a small patch of park alongside the high street
  • North Street shops featured Show of Strength’s Trading Local 5-minute monologues – some written at community workshops, and performed in local shops. And Why don’t we do it in the road? – a walking theatre production taking in quirky tales of Bedminster history, including several shop-based stories
  • The annual Southbank Arts Trail brings new customers into the area, as art-lovers work their way around 50 participating arts venues, including a number on North Street.


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