Stapleton Road

In 2011 residents and traders got together to look at ways of increasing trade and enhancing local pride. The road had been the victim of negative press coverage as a result of several serious incidents of street crime. The actions of a few were affecting the livelihood of the many and residents and traders had had enough.

With support from senior figures in the police and council they set up Stapleton Road Working Group. The group drew up an action plan to target the immediate issues on the road to make it safer and cleaner. The plan included longer term strategies for increasing trade and community ownership of the street.

Since it formed, the group has overseen some really positive work. In June traders came out and traded from the street, in November there was a day of community window box planting, the group designed new Love Easton window stickers for residents and community street signs. In February the group hopes to hold a press event on the road to help create positive news coverage. In 2012 the aspiration is to hold an event on the street every month to bring together the community, promote the high street and reclaim the street for local people.

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