The Streethearts are back… …up until 14th February 2012

Keep an eye out, from 1st February, for the ‘Streetheart’ pebbles

What are they?…
Simply, these are 12 small stones etched with a sparkling heart.

They may be found along the following roads –
Chandos Rd,
Collingwood Rd,
Cowper Rd,
Brighton Rd,
Lansdown Rd,
Stanley Rd,
Roslyn Rd,
Elliston Rd,
or Kensington Rd

They are accessible from the pavement (though NOT on the pavement) and most within easy reach of even small hands

If you are lucky enough to come across one…

You could keep that knowledge safe and leave the pebble for others to find

or you could take it away to treasure as a souvenir of the neighbourhood

Alternatively you could trade it in –

The Bread Shop Rubicon Cafe

for a FREE delicious biscuit at the Bread Shop on the corner of Brighton Rd


for a moment of sensuous sweet magic – a single handmade chocolate from Rubicon Cafe

the choice is yours…

But sadly, these exchanges are only valid until Valentine’s Day, Tuesday 14th February 2012

Why?… why not?… it is just for fun!

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