Slow-roast shoulder of organic mutton recipe from Sheepdrove Farm!

Nick Rapps, the head butcher at Sheepdrove Organic Farm, is passionate about showing people how you CAN eat organic meat on a budget. This recipe works out at £2 a head.

Slow-roast shoulder of organic mutton

The secret to eating organic meat on a budget is to buy the cheaper cuts. Why are they cheaper? Because they take a bit longer to cook.

This recipe uses mutton instead of lamb for added economy. Mutton is cheaper than lamb because it is fattier – the reason it is tastier, too. Choose a shoulder cut over leg for the same reasons: cheaper, fattier and more flavour.

Fat gets a bad press. Yet it delivers essential fatty acids and transports vitamins round the body. Research shows grass-fed animals have more protein, and less (bad)
saturated fat and more (good) un-saturated fat. Organic livestock are reared just as nature intended – on grass, not grain, thus producing more of the healthy fat.

Slow-roast shoulder of organic mutton

A shoulder cut costs about £12 and will feed six – about £2 a serving.

Insert rosemary or garlic cloves in the meat with a sharp knife, season, slosh two glasses of wine over it as it sits on its roasting tin.

Cover seasoned meat with foil and cook on a seriously low oven: heat the oven to 150 C / gas 2 and roast the foil-covered meat for 40 minutes per 450 g.

Remove the foil for the last half hour of cooking. Roast slices of squash with the meat, too, in the last hour of cooking.

For more tips on eating and cooking organic meat on a budget please pop-in to the butcher’s shop:

Sheepdrove Organic Farm Family Butcher
3 Lower Redland Road (just off Whiteladies Road)
Bristol. BS6 6TB.

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