Bike-powered delivery taking off all over Bristol!

First, an offer from Mick Mack of Velocity Cycle Logistics:

I am here to tell you about the opportunity to use the delivery service that I operate.

It might be that, as you already have a logistics requirement, that this method will not only make the service you offer to your customers more cost effective, but also enhances your environmental credentials as well as often being the quickest method of getting your goods to your customers.

This is a local company and I deliver within a two-mile radius of the City Centre, though I’m happy to accommodate work that takes us up to the Bristol boundaries.

The first delivery is free, to see if the service is to your liking and I am happy to offer a bespoke service for your particular needs with a price to match.

The bike can carry loads up to 75 Kgs and is swift through the traffic and carries no penalties in terms of access, so you can be assured your goods will reach their destination without mishap.

Cost is obviously a major factor in deciding how your goods get to the customer. I believe that this method is the most cost effective to ensure both you and your customers get value for money.

The bike is pictured above and I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your logistics requirements.

Mick Mack, Velocity Cycle Logistics, 07527 264 551

Then its on to Sam Harris of Pedal Power Transport:

Pedal Power Transport is a fresh look at transport in the city of Bristol. We aim to cut congestion and pollution by providing our alternative, carbon free, eco-friendly tricycles to meet the cities transport needs. We aim to keep things sustainable and encourage everyone to ‘Think global, act local’ wherever possible.

We want to make a real difference to the streets of Bristol and consider it our mission to create change. If your like our way of thinking and want to support us we’re happy to get everyone involved. Or if you just want a chat you’re more than welcome to cycle alongside any time.

Pedal Power Taxis

A taxi service for the streets of Bristol which is also bookable for private hire: tours, weddings (also hen and stag parties) or for an inter-office travel scheme.

The cabs are designed to advertise and can be part or completely covered in your branding or message for promoting any new or existing products you have in a green and eco-friendly way. We can also promote any event by providing stylish transport to or from the event. Or to act as a way of attracting new customers to an event by giving potential customers free transport to your door or handing out flyers or money off vouchers but we do try to minimise our waste so nothing that will get thrown away please.

Pedal Power Cargo

We use cargo tricycles and bike trailers for our cargo scheme providing all manner of regular deliveries: From veg-boxes and fresh food to restaurants and shoppers to distribution of articles. We can deliver items of a range of sizes from parcels to fridges using our network of riders with just a satchel to our serious capacity cargo trikes that take up to 250kgs. Of course we will be more than willing to take on any other regular delivery service you may desire.

Here at Pedal Power Transport HQ we’re always open to any suggestions and requests and would love to hear from you. We will of course be happy to supply more information about any of our services so don’t hesitate to ask!

Phone: 07402171759


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