Stokes Croft Markets Group

The Stokes Croft Markets Group was formed in 2011 by members of the community, and representatives from local businesses and organizations and supported by the local traders association. The role of the group is to establish if there is a need for a weekly market in the area. Stokes Croft has been labelled a ‘food dessert’ and the residents have a small choice of shopping outlets (convenience stores and small supermarkets) all of which have very limited ranges of fresh, healthy produce.

The group decided to hold a public consultation in the form of Stokes Croft Winter Fayre and working together with Picton St Winter Fayre attracted more that 4,000 people to the area on Dec 17th 2011. Market stalls were pitched at various locations through Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Rd to see where the best spots would be for future ventures and the public where asked to fill in forms asking what they would like from a regular market and how often the would want one.

The information is now being processed and the Markets Group is moving toward the opening of a market in Stokes Croft that will not only give much needed access for residents to healthy local produce but will increase footfall to local businesses and help create new jobs and small business opportunities.

Jake Smith SCMG

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