Twenty Town Teams

Twenty Town Teams Bristol is a new campaign, aiming to concentrate support to protect and improve the city’s traditional high streets and town centres, by…

  1. Asking people to sign up to the charter for twenty Bristol town teams
  2. Inviting mayoral candidates to elaborate on their proposals for high streets and centres
  3. Asking mayoral candidates to sign the charter
The charter states:
We, the undersigned recognise the benefits of traditional high streets and town centres as a key element of a healthy, inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable way of life. We acknowledge the rights of people to visit safely and to enjoy high quality local centres at any time. We are committed to harnessing the changes currently impacting these local centres by calling for:
  • investment by the new Mayor in Twenty Town Teams for Bristol during the first term (assuming a four year term means five town teams funded each year = 5 x £100,000 = £500,000 or around 0.1% of annual budget)
  • creation of a Bristol public/private/3rd sector support organisation of excellence in this field to ‘join the dots’ between retailing, planning, transport, property, business, health, sustainability etc
and you can sign-up at:
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