Trading Tales and Shopping Stories July Entries

Read on for enthusiastic recommendations from our Twitter feed and our website…..

Gift Frippery @GiftFrippery
@bristolindies has to be Smith fish on North View Bristol. He even suggests how to cook things!

Wai Yee Hong @waiyeehong
Also, the fabulous @meatandbreaduk should get a mention for #TradingTales. That gent can work witchcraft with meat and bread @bristolindies

Corks of Cotham @CorksofCotham
@waiyeehong We nominate you for #TradingTales on the merit of you twitter feed alone – and your amazing soft drinks too! @bristolindies

Wai Yee Hong @waiyeehong
I nominate @CorksofCotham for #TradingTales, who helped pick out a great Xmas present for someone difficult to buy for. @bristolindies

Stuart Presnell @logopetria
An ideal morning: delicious cake from @TheSpotlessLeop and a refreshing mocha frappé from @MochaMochaUK #TradingTales @bristolindies

Wai Yee Hong @waiyeehong
Lovely peeps at @TownHouseBris will try their best to get your meal out quick if they know you’re in a hurry #TradingTales @bristolindies

Wai Yee Hong @waiyeehong
The guys at @NailseaElectric are friendly, and knowledgeable. Great to do business with! #TradingTales @bristolindies

Wai Yee Hong @waiyeehong
I like @cuppteabar for #BubbleSunday and because they know what I mean when I ask for ‘the usual’ #TradingTales @bristolindies

Curran @Curran333
@bristolindies the best in Bristol is @ashtonfruitshop, simple as that.

The Stable @_TheStable
@shop_se @Tailscocktails @bristolindies Tails have taste. We’ll vote for you too! #BestShopInTown

Something Else @shop_se
@Tailscocktails @bristolindies very kind of you to say so Tails!

Tails Cocktails @Tailscocktails
@bristolindies 100% the curious little design shop that is @shop_se – will tell you about them online! #SomethingElse

Penny Barnett @pennyrsbarnett
@bristolindies my fav indie (apart from Health Unlimited-where I work!) is Bristol Sweet Mart, you can find EVERYTHING!!!

Stapleton Road @StapletonRd
@bristolindies #TradingTales #stapletonroad #loveeaston rock … Genesis … 1st Choice Florist
Retweeted by Bristol Independents

Stapleton Road @StapletonRd
@bristolindies #TradingTales #stapletonroad #loveeaston rock … Khan’s … Rob Jenkins

SHOP! @TalesFromShop
@bristolindies Falafal King: Fresh, healthy, tasty fast food, by a mile the best take away choice in the Centre, great value #TradingTales

SHOP! @TalesFromShop
@bristolindies 20th Century Flicks: They really know their stuff, great choice, great service, innovative with outside events #TradingTales

SHOP! @TalesFromShop
@bristolindies Just Ground: perfect indie recipe: best coffee, nicely set out, v. smiley service, Julieta the owner is ACE! #TradingTales

Hammy, harv n tess @hammy72
I nominate @FoxAndFeatherUK for @bristolindies #TradingTales an antidote to mass produced high street clothes with friendly helpful staff

Lisa Mc @Spaniel01
@waiyeehong @bristolindies Is fab always find something new to try gives me back my enthusiasm for cooking from scratch.

Rob Telford @PurpleGreenRob
@bristolindies My favourite independent at the moment is @BagelBoyBristol as they make amazing bagels for my lunch 🙂 #TradingTales

Kat Ang @wanderfulkat
Discovered the awesome Makers near Christmas Steps. #TradingTales @bristolindies

wnid @wnid
@bristolindies quirky,funky,generous & fab friendly service @FoxAndFeatherUK get my vote! &they eat cake.what’s not to love? #TradingTales

Entered through our website

La Provencale Cafe on Cotham Hill
One of the best cafes in an area that’s already rammed with them (including Various Corporate Chains). Great coffee, superb food, (their chicken baguettes are out of this world) and relaxed, friendly service combine to make this place special.

Harvest is by far the best independent shop I know. Run by an independent small coop, the staff are so friendly and helpful about their products. But the best thing is that they manage to make the most nutritious and ethical organic products affordable, especially on Scoop Tuesdays when loose seeds, nuts etc are 15% off, and they also give you loyalty points for every £10 spent which give you 10% off when you fill the card. They have a great range of tofu in all flavours, and the best deli counter on Gloucester Road for when you want a nutritious healthy and ethical takeaway on the way to a meeting as you pass on foot or on the bus (they’re open till 6:30). The range of bread and greengrocery is a bit expensive but this is tricky to do on a small scale and occasionally there are good bargains like organic apples at £2.50/kg. There’s a refill station for cleaning product containers. They have a community notice board and promote good things, sometimes having a stall at key events.

Soukous on Cotham Hill – A Gift For Everyone!
When I think about my favourite place in the world to shop, I think PINK! Pink is pretty, fun, funky and above all else, it’s the colour of my favourite shop in the world, Soukous! Soukous is situated on Cotham Hill and is home to the most fabulous array of gifts and ideas for your home. A beautiful and amazingly friendly place to shop, where the staff are on hand to help you pick out the perfect gift for a friend or family member, a place where you can browse an Aladdin’s cave of wonder and treasures at your own leisure, it is my shopping haven! Whether you want to find a beautiful piece of jewellery, an amusing nick-nack, funky lighting or even just a greetings card, Soukous has everything you need to brighten someones day and at fantastic prices! You can shop there all year round and always find that perfect something but Christmas time is my favourite! The window displays are always festively top notch, the atmosphere is always welcoming and fun, you don’t want to miss out on mince pies and mulled wine whilst you are shopping either! All in all, I think that Soukous deserves to win this competition for their consistence with great customer service, their friendliness and their huge selection of gifts at great prices! There really is nowhere like it!

Earthbound on Abbotsford Road in Cotham is run by a couple who walk to work and appear to spend most of their earnings in other small local businesses. Pat & Martin are ‘real people’ with sound ethics, and as friendly and helpful as they come. They sell fresh produce from regulars they trust; give ‘chocolate tastings’ from their fantastic range of chocs; order bulk on request and if they are able, are happy to help you to the car with it; will stock something on request, as long as they think they can shift the rest; save up their compost for a regular’s heap; provide useful guidance and information about goods even when it is to their disadvantage; and provide a social hub for us community and sustainability junkies!

WHMogfords It’s the oldest shop in Bristol that’s still going… Enough said.

It’s a traditional shop which has survived the big retailers like B&Q. The staff are extremely helpful and the stock the shop has is amazing. Definitely a hidden jewel in Bristol

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