Bristol Good Food and Bristol Independents Guide to Christmas

  1. Shop independently. You’ll get something individual, and local individuals (the maker, the shopkeeper) will get the biggest benefit from your shopping. Shop in Bristol Pounds where you can.
  2. Bristol Pounds also make an excellent Christmas present – the ultimate gift token which can be redeemed in 100s of different shops across the city Or put some money on a Your Street gift card – giving a present with much more choice than a gift token from a single department store.
  3. There are plenty of one-off and regular markets around the city, where you can buy something different, and some local produce at the same time:
  4. Give a gift of membership to an organisation, for a present which lasts throughout the year:
    Garden Organic and its Heritage Seed Library
    University of Bristol Botanic Garden
    Avon Organic Group
    Avon Wildlife Trust
  5. Give a magazine subscription:
    Kitchen Garden
  6. Give a course – anything from a 2-hour workshop to a 10-week education:
    Low Impact Living Initiative
    Windmill Hill City Farm
    Co-exist Community Kitchen
    Bristol Adult Education
    Bristol Folk House
  7. Put together a hamper full of local goodies that you can only buy in Bristol – from local microbreweries, chutney makers, cheese-producers, chocolate-creators etc.
  8. Everybody has room to grow fruit, no matter how meagre their windowsill space. Strawberries can be grown successfully in windowsill planters or in hanging baskets. Blueberries are quite happy in a medium-sized pots. And dwarf apple trees do pretty well in large pots.
  9. And if you’ve got a windowsill, then you’ve got space to grow chillis or cut-and-come-again salad leaves, or some fresh herbs – why not put a growing kit together?
  10. Support local growers and nurseries:
  11. Save a heritage variety, by adopting a veg:
  12. Get cooking. The Kitchens shop on Whiteladies Road is an Aladdin’s cave of culinary equipment. Create your own preserves or infused oils & vinegars to give away at Christmas.
  13. Get brewing.
  14. Save the bees.
    Bees are our great unpaid workers, pollinating our fruit & veg flowers. Pay-back the favour by giving insect homes & pollinator-friendly seeds.
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