#actlocal campaign launched 10th February!

Konichiwa PR would like to announce the launch of the #actlocal campaign. We are a new Bristol-based, creative agency. Our aim is to help support independents and start-ups with their marketing PR & creative, at a time when they need it the most. By sourcing talented freelancers, generating simple but highly-effective creative ideas and planning the best ways to implement them, we offer affordable marketing solutions for small businesses in and around Bristol. We will also be offering free creative briefngs and hosting various ‘pop-up clinics’ to businesses under a year old. Topics covered will range from branding basics, to promotional videos, pop-ups and social media.

#actlocal is a campaign asking people to act on the importance of supporting local and independent businesses. We’ve named it ‘act’ local, rather than ‘support’ or ‘think’, because we believe that action is the step which makes the difference.

We’re beginning this campaign in Bristol. As a city already widely known for its support of independents and shopping locally, we believe Bristol offers a great starting ground. Plus, last year Bristol beat off fierce competition to become The European Green Capital for 2015 – the first ever UK city to win the award.

The campaign has already gone live, launching online and in print around the city. We’re offering up to 30 local businesses a chance to be part of our #actlocal documentary. All you need to do to apply is sign up at www.actlocalbristol.co.uk and share your reason to the world on twitter with hashtags #actlocal #bristol, stating why it is more economical to shop with them, e.g. “Our carrots are freshly picked from local fields, with no pesticides and they’re cheaper than your regular supermarket chains.”

We hope to attract a variety of Bristol businesses, who believe in a local ethos and work in support of Bristol’s economy, as well as who appreciate craftsmanship through traditional and old trades.

Our aim is to change people’s perceptions about where they shop and which businesses they support. We want to illustrate how important it is to #actlocal. Our inspiration comes from short documentaries such as the ones you can see here – http://thisismadebyhand.com/, which give an idea of what we are trying to create.

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