Church Road avocado & spinach salad

Church Road postcard - local places, shop signs and food

Serves 3


2–3 avocadoes
1 bag of spinach
1 lime
1 chilli
¾ ladle of pinenuts
¾ ladle of kibbled onion
olive oil (optional)


Wash spinach and set aside to dry.

Peel and slice avocado in usual way. Chop up avocado into cubes leaving 1 half to slice length ways for decoration.

Finely chop enough chilli to taste.

Dry toast pinenuts and kibbled onion until slightly brown.

Take out of pan to cool, and to ensure they don’t burn.

Drizzle a little oil over your spinach if you’re using it and squeeze over some lime juice. Give it a little mix.

Put spinach on your serving plate or bowl, add some avocado and chilli and give it all another little mix.

Add some more lime if you want a little extra zing.

Pour over some onion and nut mix, and a little cracking of black pepper and salt to taste.

Place 2–3 long strips of avocado on the side for decoration and immediate nibbling. Enjoy!

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